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The case: the customer is a big company in the Information and Communication Technology industry, that carries out ICT projects for several clients. The company currently run at the same time more than 200 projects and several teams are spread in four locations in Italy. Since the company has launched a project to certificate the quality of its processes, it is mandatory to define a unique corporate project management methodology, and a unique information system for collecting and disseminating the information to the project teams.

The project: initially performed an organizational assessment at Enterprise level using a proprietary model, aimed at understanding the context of the company and the characteristics of the projects. Then we designed the Enterprise Project Management methodology by following a continuous improvement approach, starting with implementing some QuickWins identified during the assessment phase. The methodology was first tested on some company project and then rolled out to all company projects.

As for the Knowledge Management and Team Collaboration system, we identified the requirements and assessed the main market applications using a proprietary assessment model. Then we managed the project for the implementation of the new system. The new Knowledge Management and Team Collaboration system is now used by over 2000 employees.