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The case: The customer is a braking manufacturing systems. A Project Management organizational unit has just been created and needs to improve the Project Managers' competencies and set-up a methodology for managing projects at enterprise wide level. Problems occur in some projects, mainly in the assignment of responsibilities, in the communication among the departments of the company and in the relationship with the clients; the status review meetings with the customer are often chaotic and unproductive.

The project: At start we performed an organizational assessment aimed at understanding the context of the company, the processes and the status of the current project management methodology. The assessment reported some major issues related to the planning and control processes. Then we selected a project pilot to define and implement the corrective actions. Corrective actions were divided into "QuickWins" (redefine the WBS, assign roles and responsibilities and restructure the reporting model together with the client), "structural" (improve the internal and external communication) and "support" (supporting the project manager in the implementation of Project Management Methodology). After the pilot phase, the company decided to extend the methodology to all projects. The company improved the performances of all projects.